What you gain is the latest technology -- with minimizing customer cost as the driver.  Usher  provides a flamboyant, personalized training system for your organization, including a full range of metrics and reporting options.

Usher :

  -- Eliminates mundane training.....Providing more comprehensive 

     courseware that captures the interest of the trainee.

  -- Incorporates inherent company standards and processes.

  -- Compatible with all SCORM 1.2 and 1.3 compliant courseware/training  modules.

  -- 24/7 access to training.

  -- Provides a greater retention rating.

  -- Reduces training costs.

  -- Real-time information.

  -- Remote access...allowing the sharing of knowledge databases

     from multiple sites.

  -- Presents, Tracks, and Reports the employee's training progress and


  -- Capable of linking to Human Resource's (HR) tracking database.

  -- Can import your current, compliant, training materials.

  -- Provides desktop delivery, utilizing existing company resources.

  -- Provides Individual, as well as, group training.

  -- Provides insight on your employee's capabilities.

  -- Increases your employee knowledge base.



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