PIF Professor (PIF Prof) is an alternative to very expensive and sometimes very complex Courseware authoring systems. You don't need a steep learning curve. You need a solution.

PIF Prof allows you to import almost any type of file -- from ordinary text files and static graphic images, spreadsheets, and presentation files, to full motion video with sound....and anything in between. These files are then collected into a SCORM compliant package.  SCORM compliance is the key to deliverability, reliability, and accountability.

PIF Prof you can import your existing training materials to create managed Courseware for the SCORM environment, build new lesson objects from scratch, or mix and match them to create exactly what's needed to meet your particular objective. 

After you assemble your training material into a package you can add a quiz component consisting of a uniquely defined question pool of up to 100 questions. Delivery can include the entire question pool or a subset, either in sequential or random order.  Loading the newly developed package into
Usher will begin your discovery in determining if your learning objectives are being met.

Enjoy the following PIF Prof sample menus....


PIF Prof Initial Window


PIF Prof -- Adding a Lesson and Resource

PIF Prof -- Adding a Quiz


PIF Prof -- Adding the Questions and Responses

Sample of the Lesson invoked by Usher........

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