Technology is now at a point where educational focus is back  on the individual.   Heavy costs are incurred both monetarily and in productivity  when an employee has to be trained off site and out of their company environment.


Usher software tailors learning experiences to discrete groups, individuals, and individual learning styles -- incorporating inherent company standard and procedures, structural content, and learning objects into one cohesive unit. 


Usher adheres to the strict standards and regulations of the SCORM philosophy.  Why this is important ?  This allows for the incorporation of existing company inherent courses to be utilized through Usher versus duplicating both cost and time in recreating the training to meet minimum SCORM compliance.  Usher offers an authoring tool which will "wrap" existing courseware producing SCORM compliant courseware.  This can be done with most existing training material -- i.e. Power Point, Excel, etc.   For example, Ethics training is inherent in most companies.  Usher will incorporate the course, track and report the progress while the trainee sits in front of their computing desktop.   In fact, Usher is structured to work with all SCORM compliant courses whether internal to the company or third party vendors -- providing the freedom and ability for a fully adaptable and comprehensive training system.






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