The belief that learning takes place predominately in the classroom is obsolete.  The Usher Learning Management System (LMS) is a real-time system that offers training for  increased knowledge and improved skills at times and on terms defined by each learner -- all from their desktop .  Up to the minute information on all Learners and their current status is always available -- generated as hardcopy or electronic reports .  Usher provides trackable, SCORM 1.2 compliant learning applications that captures the learner's progress and performance -- including, but not limited to, time spent in each course, successes, failures, number of times required to pass various test points, the time spent at each test point, scoring, standing within a group, total training hours, and rank.....the statistics are limited only by the imagination.

    Usher is compatible with all SCORM compliant courseware and training modules.  What does this mean to you?  It provides a more diverse selection of training, eliminating the need to use courseware from a single source.   Learning modules can be developed by Usher,  purchased from 3rd party vendors, or incorporated from pre-existing training local to your site (i.e. PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Adobe, etc) using the SamTek PIF Professor system.     

    Usher  offers a solution to schedule impacts, tight travel, and budget constraints without sacrificing the quality and depth of learning.  In working with Fortune 500 companies and others, SamTek has incorporated the training needs that will provide companies with the tools necessary to be major contenders in today's industry -- benefiting not only your company and employees, but your customers.

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